Lasagna To Freeze - Tips & Tricks?

Hi Everyone,

I'm planning on making some lasagnas to freeze and pass out to some friends and family who could use a good meal without having to actually cook it. I've never made lasagna with the express purpose of freezing before, though, and I'm hoping some of you SE'ers out there have some good tips and tricks.

For my lasagna, I will usually do layers of spinach/ricotta/egg/parm mixture alternating with a Bolognese-ish sauce, mozza and parm, and use the standard dry noodles that require cooking before using.

Should I just stick with my regular recipe, or does it need modification? Do I freeze after putting it together, without baking (this is what I did the only other time I've frozen a lasagna)? Or do I bake first, then freeze?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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