How to make a 7.5# factory "Stuffer" really taste like chicken?

I'm admittedly a chicken snob, I get them from a small farm and freeze them. But yesterday my elderly neighbor gave me a 7.5 pound Oven Stuffer she just bought and wasn't going to get to cook since her first great-grandchild arrived a bit early.

I know I can spice it up, sauce it, brine it, dry brine...but what do you think might make it taste more like chicken and less like the seasoning? Or is there really no hope for actual chicken flavor with factory chicken?

Am thinking about spatchcocking it and dry brining or curing it but I realize it'll pretty much be a canvas for whatever flavors I add.

Any suggestions, thoughts? I plan to cook it on Sunday, so I have some time to work on it in advance. Thanks!


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