How did Steve Jobs change Food/Cooking?

I was reading about my Red Sox today and thinking about how Steve Jobs changed the game of baseball. All the players carry around Ipads now, and can look up statistics and watch their last at bat, not to mention the whole history of the at bats of the pitcher they're about to face. Consequently pitchers and batters have been forced to up their game.

How has Steve Jobs changed food and cooking, particularly your cooking?

I don't worry so much about buying cookbooks anymore, since I can find recipes or advice online. My small little Northern Vermont town has become more cosmopolitan in our food tastes, not just because of immigrants but because it's not so hard to figure out how to use exotic ingredients.

Would teevee alone have made these changes? It's hard to think about what it was like pre-Jobs, so it's maybe hard to realize his affect. (I still have my apple IIC sitting in a back room). What do you think?


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