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In my old age of 25 (heeyuck) I've gotten a little tired of hearing the 'OMG 2 NIGHTS IN MANHATTAN WHERE DO I EAT???' or 'Going to (insert famous city in Europe) and I'm a semi-adventurous foodie' business. We're all tourists, what do we know? How can we answer those questions in a good way if we've never lived there and really come to understand the food scene in detail?

So this brings me to the burning question: Whats something that someone visiting your home town should OBVIOUSLY eat? A certain restaurant that you shouldn't pass up? A specialty that no one has ever heard of but is an important part of the culture where you live?

My examples are two: I was born in Estacada, Oregon in the middle of B.F.E. and we are well known in the area for mountain flowers, so we're one of the largest producers of wildflower honey in the area. At the farmer's market on Saturday mornings there are HONEY TASTINGS and you can buy my granddad's honey there. Its a small town, but with lots to flavor.

And now I live in Modena, Italy. Sure there are the usual Italian staples like pasta dishes, salumi, cheeses ect. but here we have Tigelle and Gnocco Fritto. Tigelle are like a cross between a pancake, a cracker, and a biscuit about the sizeo f a silver dollar that you open like a clamshell and fill with salumi, sauces, lardo, and soft fresh cheese. Gnocco fritto are these pillows of fried bread that are about the size of an envelope that you press into a taco-shell type shape and fill with the same stuff that you fill Tigelle with. Its something SUPER traditional here that NO ONE knows about.


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