Find a Use or Let it Sit?

I was thinking of this yesterday, since a friend of mine at work handed me an enormous bag of beautiful apples (somewhere between 40-60 of them!) and I have been trying to think of various ways to use them before they go off, since I obviously can't eat them all myself. So far, I have made oatmeal apple cookies, apple pie, an apple cake and have eaten a few of them on their own. I know that we have all been there, where a friend has given us an abundance of cucumbers in the summer, or we bought that huge (only size available) tub of tamarind paste for that one recipe that we wanted to make, and ended up with shed loads of a particular item that we don't always use on a day-to-day basis. So here is the question:

Are you the type of person to let that jar of tahini paste just sit in the fridge until you rediscover it years later and end up throwing it out, since you never used it more than that one time? Or do you surf the outerwebs to try to find a recipe that will utilize it well before it goes off or you forget about it?

I find myself more of the "find a use" person. What about you?


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