Fast Fixes after Screwing Up

Do you have any tips for how to fast-fix burger mistakes? Mistakes aren't a huge deal when cooking for yourself, but when cooking for guests, it's bad...real bad.

Problem #1: Forgot the Cheese!

Sometimes I will forget to put the cheese on the burger while cooking it. And suddenly I need melted cheese.

Yes, you can put a pan over the burger to speed melting, but sometimes it's not fast enough.

Microwaving a cheese slice may be a solution, but I haven't found a way of easily un-sticking the slice from what it melted on in the microwave, and transferring it to the burger.

The best trick I know is to throw it in the stove and broil the burger till the cheese melts.

Any other ideas?

Anyway, in case of disasters, I've found it's a good idea to have an extra "insurance" burger patty pre-molded, seasoned, and ready to throw on the pan or grill.

Problem #2 - Cold Mayo

I like to serve a FULLY warm burger. Meaning no cold mayo. But for health reasons, I heard it is dangerous to heat up mayo. True?

Problem #3 - Fire Alarm Goes Off and Cramps My Style

I'm thinking about just getting rid of the damn thing.


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