Entertaining a crowd with soup?

I am planning a Welcome to the World party for my 4 month old daughter - we are having about 50 guests for lunch at the end of the month. I was thinking of doing a few soups, a couple salads, and ordering a few giant subs for the main fare. Soups are easy to make in bulk and feed a lot on a budget.

A possible logistics issue has been raised and I'd like some expert opinions: we don't have seating for 50 people, so many folks are likely to be standing around. Do you think it is too difficult to stand up and eat soup? If there were places to put things down but not take a seat, you could handle a plate and a bowl, right? Or you could get your soup first and then salads and sandwiches second?

What do you guys think - is soup too difficult to serve to a standing room only crowd?


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