Crazy for Condiments

I was reading a blog today and the author was talking about a chutney that they made, so good that they were spooning it straight out of the jar, into their mouth. According to a condiment is defined as "something used to give a special flavor to food, as mustard, ketchup, salt, or spices". But what about sauces, dips or spreads that are so delicious, you want to eat them all by themselves? Call me crazy, but I will occasionally indulge in a spoonful of some mayonnaise-based product (not straight mayo, it has to be enhanced with some sort of flavor(s)). Don't judge me, I said a "spoonful" not an entire cup! Or sometimes if I make an especially tasty caesar salad dressing, I will "check for seasoning" more times than necessary, just because it tastes so good. My sister is even crazier, she drinks the salad dressing remaining in the bottom of her bowl! Only at home though, not in public, thankfully! Anyways, the point is, sometimes a condiment deserves to be more than just an accompaniment. Don't you agree?


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