At the Grocery Store, Do you Take It Back? Plus A Horror Story!

You have something in your cart you put in on the first aisle you shopped and you now find you do not want it and your on your last aisle to shop, do you take it back or just leave it there?(Most often I take it back but there has been occasions I have been guilty of this)

You find something in the aisle you know does not belong there (like a food product in the cleaner product aisle) do you point it out to a store clerk, or just ignore it?

You got something from the deli/meat/seafood counters special wrapped and decide you no longer want it, do you dump it in the nearest cold bin and move on?(No I did not)

Now for the horror story, I heard this the other day and thought I would share it. It is a quote that lilminx13 shared with the folks at a different site. "I just witnessed probably the most weird and disgusting act in a grocery store as possible. I ran in to get a couple bags of hotdog buns. As I grab the bags I look over an notice a lady over by the regular bread.... she's opening the bags and feeling the bread. Not just 1 bag or 3..but I watched her do this to 7 different bags. An employee notices this too and say that she can't be doing that. She quickly says "I will do what I want to ensure I get fresh bread"... the 1st employee is backed up by a manager who then tells the lady she will be purchasing all the bags she opened. She was quite pissed. She grabs 4 loaves..and I couldn't pass my chance up to bring to light the other 3 she needed to take as well." I mean wow.. that makes me want to bake my own bread!

Do you have a story you have seen first-hand at the Grocers?


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