Wine flavored drops from the Asian Supermarket

Many years ago I lived in a different area.. with my Grandmother. This must be going back 10 to 12 years now. In one of the Asian Supermarkets I got some wine flavored candy at the register. There were f-in amazing!!!!!!!! My Grandmother agreed and we ate the whole can. I bought more and ate them all too. I should have bought all they had or told them to order me like 50 cases. They were THAT good.

Every so often I search the internet and NOBODY had any information for me. Nobody knew what they were. People would often recommend Maynard Wine Gums. Please. Those things are horrible and do not taste like wine. They taste like fruit juice gummy bears or something.

These wine drops from the Asian store actually taste like red wine.

After many years of searching I found them on jlist a website that sells stuff from overseas. They are called "Sakuma Drops" and come in a bunch of other interesting flavors I'd like to try some day: hamburger, garlic, hot, beer flavor, etc. They had a bunch of flavors.

In my stupidity, I was broke at the time, I didn't place an order and now they have no more! I had worked out a better price with them to order like 50 of these in various flavors, with about 30 of them being wine. They aren't getting them back in stock.. I asked and they said they'll get more, but they haven't so far.

I need them bad! This time I need to put my money where my mouth is.. if someone can point me in the right direction to buy them I'd give you a finders fee.

Here's a picture of the wine ones:

Here's a link on Jlist you can see what they currently have:

I'd be interested in other flavors such as some I mentioned above and some I cannot remember, but only 1 of each.. so if all I can get is wine flavor since I might have to order in quantity then I'd be perfectly happy.

Any point in the right direction is appreciated.


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