What Would You Advertise?

The inspiration for this came from the fact that now that I have a new job at my company, and my day starts later (8am, instead of 6:30am), I spend a lot more time in traffic in the mornings. This morning I got to see not one, but two cars advertising products with decals on their doors. I have seen this before, but it seems to have become more prevalent, and I have even heard of people getting tattoos of certain brands, and then getting kickbacks from the company.

So, in that light, if you were to be paid by a company, in money or in it's products, what food brand would you be happy to advertise on your car? Or for that matter, your body?

For me, I think that I would be most happy to advertise Cheerios, given that it's one of my favorite foods anyway. Otherwise, I would likely go with Stauffer's Animal Crackers, since I love those, too!

So, what would you advertise?


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