What type of pickle with your burger?

What type of pickle do you like on your burger? I do not like the regular choice, which seems to be sweet dill chips.

I like to buy the refrigerated Kosher dill whole pickles, and then slice them into chips myself. To me this makes for a livelier, crunchier, fresher effect than the typical pre-cut dill chips.

I prefer Claussen since they seem to have more snap, maybe because they are Half Sours, which retains more of the natural cucumber taste and crispiness. I suppose Vlasic is just fine.

Understood...you may not always WANT a pickle on your burger. But the question is...when you DO, what is your preferred type?

And do you prefer a pickle ON the burger or as a side?

Some Choices (I realize there is overlap)

--Regular Dill --Kosher Dill (more garlic) --Sweet Pickle (made with more sugar, spices and vinegar) --Half-Sours (crunchiest, no vinegar, refrigerated, see above) --Sours (less crispy than Half-Sours, but more sour punch) --Dill chips ("bread 'n butter chips") - sweet, tangy --Spears --Full pickles you cut into "chips" yourself --Gherkins (disgusting little mutants)


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