Travel Ambassador At Large. I Cook For Fun! Do You?

Many of you know me as Timothy Paul Perry. Well, what you may not know is I travel internationally and when I do, I throw food parties at other peoples homes. I cook my own versions of american food. Potato salad, sloppy joes, american fries, fruit- can nectar chicken (my version of drunken chicken only I use mango or pineapple nectar as opposed to beer) Then there is fried chicken, pulled pork bbq with slaw, bacon baked beans, meatloaf and baked potato stuffed with cheddar and sour creme, bacon bits, fajitas, chili, pizza,(you get the idea).

Been doing this for years. I eat well everywhere because I cook. I also get invites from people who want me back so I guess being a self-proclaimed ambassador of the american food spirit is playing well for me as I love to travel and cook. Even in the USA, when I stay as a guest anywhere, I go out, buy the food and cook it. I do not always clean-up(my hosts rarely let me) but I always have fun. The internet is changing our social world, web sites like (I joined two days ago) are in fact growing and offering people new ways to travel on the cheap. I have several travel stories but a lot more to come.. I cook for fun. You know I love a story. Do you love to travel and cook? I do.


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