Tomato "syrup" - need some brilliant ideas on what to do with it

So I'm about halfway through my yearly tomato can-athon. To shorten the cooking time, I pull off the juice as I cook the tomatoes down. Last year I canned this like stock and used it to make risotto and the like all winter, which was good but I ended up with way too much of it ( I can a LOT of tomatoes, believe me). This year I took two huge pots of the tomato stock, reduced it by about 90% and ended up with what I can only call tomato syrup. I made a pepper infused jelly with some of it, which turned out great, especially as a glaze brushed on grilled chicken or pork but I could use some new ideas of how else to use the syrup. I'm open to just about anything that's legal. Any suggestions?


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