Time to Settle an Argument: I Say Wings Should be Deep Fried.

Ok SE'ers weigh in on this one. I am having an argument about cooking wings. Being "thearrogantchef" I say the only way to go is deep fried. I don't want broiled, baked, BBQ'd or OMG slow cooked. Some say that deep fried is not healthy. Wings were never meant to be healthy!!! I have never seen wings in the health food section of any store. My doctor has never told me to go ahead and eat wings as long as I make them the "healthy way". Wings are meant to be dredged in a mixture of flour, paprika, and cayenne pepper and then deep fried until they are golden brown. They are little nuggets of heaven. Just add your favourite sauce (and I have a pretty darn good recipe for that too) and wash down with a couple of ice cold Canadian beers! Now that's a wing!!!


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