Open letter to the foodies of tomorrow

At a time when blogging is rapidly changing, our attention seeking must actively repond to new challenges. The show and tell cooking profession of today offers a wide variety of opportunities and trajectories. We foodies remain united by a passion for cooking and share the belief that our plagerizing is also a way of life.for us, copying recipes offers a world of possibilities, allowing us to freely express ourselves by copying others, pursue our interests with other peoples interests, and fulfill our dreams by copying other peoples ideas. Indeed, we believe that cooking is not only a response to the basic human need of feeding ourselves; but it is also a way to receive comments under our posts and retweets. Blog cooking is a powerful, transformative tool that, through the joint effort of plagerizers -- whether we be hipsters, nerds or geeks--can change the way the world draws attention to us. We dream of a future in which the chef is socially engaged by friending us on facebook, conscious of and responsible for his or her contribution to a just and sustainable society or else we will rip them apart on Yelp. As members of the International Advisory Board of the Foodie Center, with a broad range of experiences, we keep dreaming about and reflecting upon the challenges to our profession. It is our hope that these reflections will serve as a reference and inspiration for the young foodies who will become tomorrow's blog stars.

In relation with learning

1.Our work depends on the internet's gifts. As a result we all have a responsibility to build and protect our tumblr bookmarks, to use our followers and our followees as a tool for recovering heirloom and endangered trends and fads, and promoting new ones. In this way we can help protect the blogospheres immovable plateau, as well as redo and re-create flavors and preparations.

In relation with society...... (to be continued)


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