Oh, my achin' eldertaters...

I'm blushing. Irish as can be, with freckles and even an apostrophe in my name. But I'm a tater ignoramus. A while ago, I went back to school, left the family back home to cope. Bought some regular old Russet potatoes and stuck them in a hall closet, right above the vacuum. Not very good at cooking for just myself, I finally remembered them, baked and ate them months later. They were so, so good - I was shocked. I caught on - aged potatoes were good. But what types? How long to hold them before cooking? Does it make a difference in the flavor even when they're mashed, scalloped, fried, etc.? What's a good way to store potatoes so they don't sprout, and instead become the epitome of potato-eyness? Are there potato connoisseurs out there who can share a recipe using carefully aged potatoes to showcase that great taste? Figure my ancestors knew all about potato aging and carefully rolled each one over in its little wooden box every morning, maybe even talked to them encouragingly. I just bought 10 lbs of new potatoes at the farmer's market, and I'm ready to baby them into distinguished elderhood.


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