I'm Knocked Up and I NEED Knockwurst

Actually, that's a lie.

I am pregnant, but knockwurst isn't my craving... that slightly wilted Garlic-Tahini Raw Kale Salad at Whole Foods is, so much so that on a recent mini road trip I bought out all the kale salad on the shelf before we left to make sure I'd have enough.

And I can't stop eating things made with cooked tomatoes - I mean, really, what isn't better with marinara sauce on top of it?

The only thing I can't stand right now is hot meat. (That sounds like it's meant to be a dirty joke, but it isn't.) Burgers, steaks, baked chicken - lots of the lean proteins that I should be eating just won't go down... unless I put them in the fridge and eat them while they're still cold. Hormones, my doctor says.

So, I'm wondering what other people's hormones have them craving and avoiding while pregnant. Or, if you've never been pregnant, have you ever had a medicine or accident alter your taste buds and make you love/hate something strange?

I know I'm not the only one...


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