I hate brown gravy...

Making mac and cheese from scratch (mil's recipe, so i got to make it taste like childhood memories!)... misread roux ingredients, and put in 1/4 c butter and 1 c flour.... hmm, that looks more like a shortbread cookie....reread recipe. Ohhh, 1/4 c of each! Well, I have instant roux in the cupboard, let's make that instead of using more flour and butter. Turns out, instant roux = brown gravy. Well I really can't make mac/cheese with brown gravy in good conscience. Scrap that. Back to recipe! Now I have the makings for a shortbread cookie, brown gravy, and hopefully soon mac and cheese! Problem. I do not like brown gravy... But I have like 2 cups of it. What do I do with it? My cuz already said to freeze it, but that still doesn't help me use it since i don't like it. Ideas would be appreciated!


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