Food Sins

Kraft Dinner, Lean Cuisine, Uncle Ben's. These are all words that have the potential to reduce me to tears. I hear them and it takes all my power to stop me from running away, screaming "bloody murder!". I know this sounds extremely dramatic but I would rather die than eat these foods. They go against everything I believe in. Are they actually food, or are they alien mutations of ingredients that used to be food? So feel free to chime in. What other products would you add to this list (I can already think of at least 10 more)? And do you agree with me, or am I just psychotic? I just cannot accept that people are allowed to eat that "stuff". It's not real, it's not healthy, it's not safe. What type of message do we want to be sending to our children? Yes, I am ranting, but is it that much to ask for everyone to have access to fresh, real ingredients? Don't bother feeding me the "convenience" excuse, it's a cop-out. Now that I have had half the debate, all by myself, I want to hear from you!


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