Dairy-Free, Tomato-Free, and Nearly Carb-Free Pizza.

I'm part of a group that does regular potlucks and we have a huge range of dietary restrictions. Which brings me this huge challenge:

I want to successfully create a dairy-free, tomato-free, and nearly carb-free pizza. We can't do real cheese, but can do most other veggies besides the tomato. We can do meat. But the toughest challenge is the crust. I can't use wheat (or gluten), rice, corn, soy or other grains. I can use minimal starchy roots. I can use cashews, almonds and other nuts (except peanuts). I can use eggs, but no coconut.

My goal is to develop a recipe by December 1st. I'm thinking probably meat and pesto sauce for the topping. (And cheese for those that can?)

So far, options for making the crust involve: almond flour, potato flour, tapioca flour, chickpea flour, amaranth flour, quinoa flour. And I've seen some recipes using cauliflower? Perhaps that?

So, people. What are your suggestions? Tips? We're bread lovers at my house so I'm rather inexperienced with gluten-free cooking. Let alone carb-free.

I will document everything and report on it once I'm finished.


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