Cooking for a week in a cabin with no stores and limited space

I am going to Alaska to stay with a park ranger friend. The nearest convenience store will be over 60 miles away from his cabin. He has basically told me that the only food I will have is the food I bring. Getting there requires a 7 hour train ride plus a 3 hour bus ride. I have a fairly big cooler bag and a little duffle bag for dried goods to bring. There will be a full kitchen but I am unsure how well equipped. I am looking for healthy, flavorful dishes that will not be too much of a hassle to shop for and travel with since we will have limited space and have to check our bags on the train. They will have to feed 3 (including 2 big guys who will be hiking all day) for 6 days. Some ideas I had were cassoulet, maybe some noodle stirfry, pasta salad or pizza/calzones. I was planning to bring some dried herbs, buy things like lemon, garlic, fresh herbs to brighten things up. Snacks like granola bars, apples, dried fruit nuts, etc. I am looking for some fun dishes or ideas of different things to bring that will make my life easier and still eat well since I am on vacation. Perhaps roasting a chicken or pork shoulder and making a stock for later in the week could be good but not sure how well the meat will travel all day in a cooler. Any desserts, too? Thanks!


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