Best (or worst) Inspired Cooking Moment!!

Right off the top, I was inspired by MissMaki's question about baked or fried falafels:, so merci!

I was going to post to that question, then realized I have a whole nother can of worms to open.

Thinking about it, my best cooking idea happened when we were going to host some great friends for dinner, a hundred years ago, in 2002. (Our pals were lamenting that they wished the 2am after-bar food in their small town of Guelph, Ontario consisted of more than just hot dog stands; why can't they make a GD falafel!?!)

So, BEING IN A CITY WITH REAL AFTER-HOURS FOOD (kidding Toronto is just as bad, having only hot dog carts... plus I heart Guelph :) I wanted to make falafels for their visit.

Planning the menu, and zoning out for a moment, I happened to stare at the waffle maker (circa 1950, thanks mum!) and thought:


Why not? And may I say, BEST idea ever.

I admit, I used a mix, but they were crispy on the outside, and cloud-fluffy on the inside. Instead of the classic "balls" I cut them up into fingers, which rolled nicely into the pita. Plus, the waffle grooves were perfect vehicles for the chopped onion, tomato, lettuce, and sauce. GENIUS. If I may say.

On that note, what are your best AHA I'M A GENIUS cooking moments?

(My worst was adding frozen corn kernels to a Vodka Soda tall... Yes, you can judge, and kick me thusly . Um, I may have been drunk :)


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