What to do with cheap ribeye cuts?

So, I found some suuuuuuper cheap ribeye cuts at the dollar tree(yes, you read that correctly. the dollar tree now sells ribeye cuts...or maybe i should say "ribeye" cuts, since i'm pretty sure it's not actually ribeye...Anyway, whatever it is, its' 3.5 oz. for $1. To put it mildly, I do not have high hopes for these steaks. Still, i bought 4, because...i mean, hey, a buck for a steak. The question now is....what the hell am i going to do with these things? they came vacuum sealed, and are about the size of pre-frozen hamburger patties(seriously), and full of nasty looking fat and connective tissue. Any thoughts? I'm already considering steak sandwiches and fajitas, but i was wondering if the internet had a better idea?


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