Update! No knead bread as buns! Success!

If any one is wondering, my experiment in turning no knead bread into sandwich rolls worked, and was delicious.

I made the bread dough the usual way, then after the "rest" period, I divided it into 6ths. 4 of those I shaped into rolls/sandwich buns for my stoneware mini-dutch ovens (16 oz with little lids) and the rest I stretched into bread sticks. Let the whole mess rise again for the next 2 hours. I pre-heated to 400, just cause I was nervous about heating empty stoneware much hotter. I baked everything for about 25 minutes at 400, then pulled the bread sticks, and let the rolls go for another 18ish minutes.

I know the original Bittman recipe says 450, but that seemed really hot for such little amounts of dough. They turned out Beautifully! Like little baby ciabetta rolls for pesto and grilled balsamic chicken sandwiches.


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