"Translating" Mexican Cuisine: Misunderstandings and sorrow

Missing Mexicans

I've lived in Australia for the past year. I enjoy the cities, the beaches, the Aussies and their silly accents, and the majority of cuisine.

Unfortunately, Mexican food is wholly misunderstood here. It breaks my little heart. For example, I ordered nachos once and was served stale corn chips served with ketchup. I wish I was joking. Imagine going an entire year without a proper taco, burrito, or even salsa. I miss the lengua tacos with cilantro, lime and radish, the horchata and the chorizo, the beautiful beans! Oh the beans! Why can I not find these beans here! Please think of me the next time you eat a burrito.

Going a year without Mexican food is quite depressing. However, these poor Aussies have gone their whole lives.

I'm requesting some seriouseats assistance in guiding Aussies towards Mexican cuisine. I'm having difficulty in conceptualizing what Mexican food is. All that comes to mind is cilantro, cumin, lime, and skirt steak. Can I instruct Aussies in cooking Mexican dishes with these ingredients? How can I help Australia (and myself) enjoy the delights of Mexican food?

Also, if you can cook Mexican food, please move to Australia. I will provide a chef position in a Mexican restaurant. Please.



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