This Week in Interesting Office Food

I know that this has been done before, but this morning when I went to put my soda in the fridge to chill, I noticed a few interesting items in the fridge and wanted to see who else in SE land has seen some interesting office fridge entrants lately.

For me, I saw half a cantaloupe, and the inside was filled with green and black olives. I kid you not. Now, I despise cantaloupe anyway (traumatic childhood, force feeding thereof, etc), but even if I liked it, I can't imagine pairing it with this something that is a new trend?

Also, the Atkin's guy/girl is at it again. An entire jar of peanut butter coupled with an entire pack of cold cuts. Now, those too I can't see, but not necessarily together, and not all at once. But honestly, I have seen it disappear within a day or two. They must be really hungry.

Also, one lonesome, dried-out, sad-looking piece of pepperoni pizza, that looks as though it once must have been really nice and tasty, but has long since passed it's prime.

So, what's in your office today?


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