This Cheese Stands Alone

In the most recent (Sept/Oct 2011) issue of Cook's Illustrated, they ranked grocery store mozzarella, and the winner was Sorrento whole milk mozzarella in the solid chunk form. "Clean", "creamy", "buttery", "smooth","mellow", "nice chew", and "practically like drinking milk" were some of the descriptions given for the cheese. The runner-ups were Kraft low moisture, part skim mozz and Boar's Head whole milk. Sorrento has been my pizza making mozzarella of choice for many years, so I was not surprised. I buy mine in the more economical 5 lb. brick. What say you on this selection? BTW, Sorrento is know by the name "Precious" on the west coast, and Sorrento is proudly producted in New York state (Buffalo).


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