"Tapas" Rant

It seems like if you want to update your menu these days a really easy way is just change the wording on the menu from appetizers to tapas. Or you can add a new section of the menu with slightly smaller dishes and pass them off as tapas. We have multiple places here that claim their specialty is tapas but none of them serve actual tapas. Has the word just become a tool to sell overpriced smaller portions and make a place feel more hip?

Sure tapas can easily be described as appetizers, but not all appetizers and "small plates" are tapas. When I think tapas I think small bites, not a slimmed down entree. They should be able to be consumed while standing with a drink close by, priced and portioned so you can consume many of them with out breaking your wallet or your gut. I'm sick of getting excited about some place opening that claims to specialize in tapas thinking it will be a great place to grab a glass of wine and a couple snacks after work only to discover what they actually serve is underwhelming and uninspired food served on slightly smaller plates with overpriced cocktails. /end rant


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