So... What'd I Miss?


I went home to Dubai in November 2010 for my sister's wedding and got stuck there for 8 months waiting for a visa on account of being a Pakistani. I'm back now as of this past Saturday and I wanted to know, what'd I miss?

I kept up with the food scene a bit while I was there but got lazy. I still have yet to try Hill Country Chicken even though it opened up right before I left and we're neighbors. Had Zabb Elee last night (duck larb at 5/5 spiciness, found it to be mild), liked it even though a few things seemed... off.

What else? High end fancy schmancy pants restaurants, hole-in-the-walls, grimy carts, high-tech trucks, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, anything and everything is on the table. So I repeat one final time... what'd I miss?

Haha and thanks in advance!


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