POM hits the Bronx.

I just love reading SE and every once in a while I get the chance to go to the Big City and I always check where to eat. So yesterday we headed out of the suburbs and into the Bronx. OldestSon and I were checking out Fordham. So, of course, we luckily head to Arthur Avenue. I see Tony and Tina's which is featured in a SE:NY article. I am overjoyed. I spend about 20 minutes parallel parking-remember I live in the burbs-and we head over. Inside it is nothing to write home about. OldestSon sits down and I head to the counter. All of a sudden some man cuts in front of me and starts ordering, I am ok with this as I am unsure as to what I want. Next thing you know there are so many people in the restaurant and at one point the counter man looks behind me to take someone's order. So I try my luck with another counter man and some customer also wants to help me. I say, "Please may I have the meat burek." The man behind the counter looks like I am speaking Chinese. So I point to it and he says, "Oh burek" and I say, "Yes, burek" and he says "What do you mean?" After a few more attempts we clear that up and I move onto ordering dessert. I want one of everything. Well that was really not so easy a task. It seems that I could not get my order filled unless I had the pronunciation correctly. OldestSon was trying so hard not to laugh that he had to put his head down on the table. Finally we eat and it was all wonderful and worth it.

Have you ever taken a SE/NY restaurant recommendation? Did you agree with the writer or not?


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