Pizza Hack Challenge! Has To Start By Using Flour, Cheap But Goo

For those that know me you know I like finding cheap ways to make pizza ovens. Hacks, if you will, that work. So lately I am on a mission, to do homemade pies that the family loves but require very little effort to do and at very little cost. You can tweak what you want with any mix but I think it needs to start with working the dough with your hands. After that it is up to you but I think it only fair if i start so here is what I did last night for two large pies. I made a pepperoni and cheese and a lime garlic shrimp and onion with cheese and basil.the ingredients were all store brand at walmat and the cost breakdown. 2 packs of just add water pizza crust mix (.44 cents each), 1lb of whole milk mozz. ($3.28), 1/2 pack of Hormel original pepperoni (1.50 worth) and half a lb of peeled shrimp (sea pearl brand at $4.00 per lb) 1 lime and i get them 15 for a dollar. 1/4 stick butter, fresh garlic, basil and sweet cherry tomatoes that i always have on hand. so lets just guesstimate a total of $7 bucks for two large pies. They were devoured by my family in like 20 minutes.

I baked them both in the home-oven using just perforated pizza pans. (I do have my own hack for home ovens but did not use it) I did sautee the shrimp in lime butter and several sliced cloves of garlic, and a bit of old-bay and tony chacheres creole seasoning, before placing it on the white pie and i made my own sauce for the pepperoni using fresh basil and a touch of oregano, with the handfull of cherry tomatoes pulsed briefly in the blender. Both were covered with the i/2 lb each of the whole milk mozz and baked untill the top was bubbly and browning and the bottoms had some good browning.

I realize many of you are searching for the ultimate pie, well this ain't it. Call it the bottom shelf if you will for the average person who lacks our devotion to the artisanal ultimate hand crafted pie.

How about you? Do you have a pretty good hack that you care to share?


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