Need recipes and advice for canning salsas

Making fresh salsa is no problem - there's no commitment to large amounts, for one thing. But I haven't found a recipe I feel I can rely on for a canned salsa. The need for more vinegar or lime juice than a fresh salsa has really changes the taste of a canned salsa. And then the texture's a problem. Comes out too watery, especially once the vinegar is added. I'm only set up to do hot water bath canning.

I've even frozen fresh salsa, and that comes out too watery, too, but the flavor's great.

I'm looking for a tomato salsa with jalapenos for the heat, and I'd love a good tomatillo salsa recipe for canning, too. I have on hand tomatoes, tomatillos, oinions, garlic, jalapenos, serranos, mariachis.

Anybody use calcium citrate to stiffen the ingredients?

I'm cilantro averse, but can simply leave it out of any recipes you give.

I like the texture of green mountain gringo salsas.


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