How many cookbooks do YOU have? (Have, not how many do you need!

Many months ago, knowing that a house move was coming up (moving from house to apartment) I reviewed my cookbook shelves. Two shelves only, so I figured I had an average amount of cookbooks.

I decided to arrange a cookbook exchange. Everyone in all the offices brought me cookbooks they didn't want. At the next staff meeting, during the break everyone went through them, took what they wanted and at the end of the day I took the sad forgotten books to Value Village. Turns out lots of people had books to get rid of! I - unlike most - managed to get rid of my extras and NOT pick up anything new.

In July, we had a garage sale; moving date was August first-ish. As I cleared out the kitchen deciding what to keep and what to sell (and THAT'S a heartbreak and a half let me tell you!) I ended up with two fruit boxes full of cookbooks for the garage sale.

You'd think, then, that I'd have a few trusty cookbooks left to move to the new place. Particularly since looking over at my shelf here in the office I can see the cooking magazines that seemed worth keeping and half a dozen or so books. Nevertheless....

I ended up with three bankers boxes of cookbooks to move! But...but there were only two shelves to start with. Oh yeah...some in the bedroom...and a few in the living room...and in unexpected places in the kitchen. But still. I really didn't think I had that many.

Other crazy cookbook stories out there? People with enough books to build a small fort?


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