Help with recipe - Japanese Steak House "Golden Shrimp" topping

I can't believe I've come to this point, but I need help. Has anyone successfully recreated the "golden shrimp" or "egg yolk shrimp" topping that is so popular in Chicagoland Teppanyaki style restaurants? Recipes online vary from dips to sauces to attempts at this topping. The closest I've come is here:

But it's still not quite right. Done correctly it appears raw and thicker than hard set pudding, scooped on top of raw shrimp (or anything really), then steamed to cook under a cover with water/wine/sake to create the steam.

Here's an image of it being applied at "Ron of Japan" in Chicago.

It must essentially be an egg/oil emulsion, but the devil is truly in the details.

Thanks for any help!


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