Exploding food and the aftermath

My first experience with exploding food was years ago with a can of frozen orange juice concentrate. I placed it in the sink to thaw, and left several hours. I returned home and noticed dried bits of 'stuff' adhered to my upper cabinets. Traced the source to the now blown apart can of concentrate. To hours to clean the dried bits of pulp off about 70% of my cabinets, the ceiling, etc.

Two years ago my sister hosted Thanksgiving dinner. She wrapped the excess stuffing in a foil packet and placed it in the oven with the turkey. Unfortunately, she wrapped the packet too tight and about an hour before the turkey was done, her oven door blew open sending steaming hot bits of stuffing all around her kitchen - floor, cabinets, windows, everywhere. Luckily, no was in the kitchen at the time, including the dog!

I just had a bottle of red wine explode on me, an spent a while cleaning up. Have any similar stories to let me know I am not alone?


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