DON'T GO!! When I asked what happened to the place and food I was told NOT TO COME BACK!!!! That they didn't need people like me there!!

I have been eating here for nine years. The place has new owners. All the charm and quality is gone. When I walked in the place was stripped down. I asked what happened they said we are renovating and that everything was really the same. That people were asking for change. I said who, not me or anyone I know. They had all these articles up about Italian cooking, in French Bistro.

I ordered what I have for nine years (eggs florentine) and was assured it would be the same, it wasn't. The spinach was the frozen kind (not fresh) and cooked. It tasted like green mush and was horrible. It had no seasoning. The potatoes were not cooked all the way and were still raw on the inside.

Anyone who knows this place knows they have great deserts. Well that is gone. They brought out a tray that wasn't the same deserts they have had in the past. I didn't order one, but my friend did. Her's was frozen.

When I was leaving asked the new owner away from the other customers what happened. I said the food isn't the same and not fresh. My friends desert was frozen. The spinach was really bad. He told me maybe this isn't the place for you. I said I have been eating here for nine years and was disappointed. That I would come back when the renovations were done and try it again. He told me not to come back they don't need people like me. I said, but I'm a customer. He said I'm rude and have been rude to him the whole time I was there and I shouldn't come back. He was staring at me the whole time I was there giving me dirty looks I ignored. Are asked if he was serious, he said yes don't ever come back. I said I would write on the food blogs.

I also got the impression that since I am a woman, he felt he could bully me. What man and owner does that. It was beyond rude and classless.

BR people et. all, not worth it.


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