"Do we have to go there?...sigh... Hey this is not bad!"

Recently I went to a wedding weekend and my parents were invited too. I knew I would be picking them up at the airport so I asked where they want to eat when they land. I already looking up recommended local places on the way from the airport to the hotel. But they only wanted chain resturants. "*Sigh*, it will be only for the weekend", I thought. They selected Sweet Tomatoes, and to my surprise I enjoyed my meal there. I picked the Chicken wonton salad and piled on the veggies, so the bread and pasta wasn't so tempting. My father surprise me by not doing his 2 to 1 dressing/salad ratio he usually does.

So I'm asking if any of you had the same experience of going with the crowd to keep the peace (or not to get the 'why are you being difficult/snobby' talk) and find yourself enjoying the meal? Did you have to backtrack earlier comments?


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