Different kinds of pepperoni?

There's plenty of Italian stores that you can get nice meats at.. spicy or sweet, some with hints of wine in them, etc.

How come I never see any different pepperoni? Do they even make any other brands of pepperoni besides the usual few brands?

Supermarkets carry one or two brands (in packs) Hormel and some other brand I forget. The deli case carries slicing pepperoni in a few additional brands.

None of them are that great.

But what about the stuff they put on pizza at De Lorenzo's in Trenton (and now Robbinsville) NJ? Not the other De Lorenzo's. They use normal pepperoni and that's why I don't go there.

This pepperoni is cut a little thicker, and it's a lot spicier!

You can see some pics here:


I ate at the Trenton location a few times (and had take out at the Robbinsville location a few times). When I was at Trenton I tried to question them, but the only answer they gave me is that "it's imported". They're very quick/brief in answering me before they move on to another table. Imported from where? Italy I guess, or maybe somewhere in Brooklyn.. who knows. All I know is I'd like to get more of this wonderful stuff!

I ask for extra pepperoni and always get the same amount. It's like the stuff is so special they don't want to waste it on one person like myself.. like we live under a communist regime or something.

One time I got take out and told them load it up, cover the top of the pie so I don't see nothing but pepperoni and that I'd pay extra and tip well. No luck!

I see places online I can order stuff like Cremelini and other fine meats.. can't find a single place with some special pepperoni.


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