Dangerous Oven

Recently we renovated our kitchen and bought a GE Monogram Professional Duel Fuel Range with an electric riddle After less than six months of use, (and by use I mean cooking 12-24 slices of bacon or sausages three to four times a week) the oven caught on fire underneath the griddle because of fat which had somehow leeched down there. We called GE and they sent a repairman who remarked on how clean we had kept the oven and how he had never seen anything like the grease which had accumulated underneath a permanent, not-easily removed griddle pan. He cleaned it and repaired it. A few months later GE decided to replace the entire oven due to another problem which it had developed. This time it was less than three months before, once again, the new oven caught fire inside (meaning between the range top and the oven, not inside the oven itself). Same problem. This time GE says we need to take the griddle off and clean under it even though their instruction manual clearly states that the griddle should NOT be removed for cleaning. Lots of back and forth and finally they are saying "the oven works as it was designed to" and that they have not received any reports of this happening to any other of their ovens. So, leaving aside the question of whether or not the oven was "designed to catch on fire", has anyone else experienced any fires like this in their ovens?


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