DAMN I cut my finger again!

I've been cooking most of my life and consider myself pretty skilled with a knife. However, sometimes I get careless and cut myself. At least I have a good, sharp knife, so the cuts are pretty clean and heal well. However, many times, the cuts are deep and bleed a lot.

Today, I was chopping herbs and got a bit too close. I snipped the tip of my thumb off, but thankfully it was mostly fingernail. It was deep enough to bleed significantly, though, and now that it's a few hours later, it's starting to throb ): Owie... I was just starting to cook dinner, too, so I had to cook thumbless, trying to keep it dry. I had to clean and devein shrimp with one thumb, which was pretty challenging. Dinner got cooked, though, and it was delicious, so all is well.

Anybody else as careless as me? It happens to everyone, but I feel like I cut myself rather often. Care to share your knife cut story?


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