Curious: Mustard Allergies

Hey all! If you don't know already; I work in nutrition labeling up here in Canada--and I'm always fascinated with new things; and I was recently notified that 'MUSTARD SEED' (Sinapis nigra) is going to be a required contaminant to list in the allergen declaration.

I was thinking about it this weekend--and I live in the agriculture area of the nation (prairies)--and I know for a fact that Monsanto has a huge footing here (not that I approve) and Canada produces 90% of the worlds mustard seed.

I was wondering: any of you allergic to mustard/mustard seed? Is it a recent? Is it since birth?

I've always had a suspicion that pesticide/herbicide/frankenfood was the culprit in the new allergen reactions--and I'm just really curious on your thoughts :)

Happy Meatless Monday!


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