Chronic Campout Cooking?

Labor day weekend is approaching and I imagine there's quite a few of us heading to the great outdoors myself included. I'm looking forward to lounging around in the middle of nowhere as well as some campfire cooking. I used to go more elaborate with meals while camping, but as time has gone on the prep and clean up required just gets old, so I've turned back to the basics.

My go to camping dinner is some sort of bone in steak, a potato wrapped in foil and stuck in the fire, corn on the cob cooked in the fire, and some grilled bread if I'm feeling fancy and extra hungry. Simple and hits the spot. For lunch it's some sort of cured meat, extra sharp cheddar or some other aged cheese, apples, and nuts. For breakfast it's breakfast burritos if I feel like firing up the stove. For beverages it's gin and tonics for happy hour, beer while cooking, and a bottle of Knob Creek passed around the campfire for a night cap.

Where are you headed for the weekend and what are you eating?


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