Blender Buying

I know there was a post on blenders in February and it helped to some extent, but I'm going to be slightly specific in my blender requirements. We had a yard sale today, and my husband sold my blender :(. It's been getting progressively louder for some time now, and apparently he didn't like my smoothie/baby food making at 6AM on Sunday mornings. So, I'm in the market after almost 10 years. I use my blender DAILY to make baby food and smoothies (without ice though) and to make lots of soups in the winter. I do not want to spend more than $75, and I would like a blender that doesn't sound like an airplane taking off. I prefer a glass pitcher b/c it sits on my counter. Does anyone have any blender recommendations? I'm looking at a Waring Pro perhaps, but they are almost $100--a little steep for me at the moment.


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