August 19th -- National Potato Day

Be they spuds or taters.... Purple, yellow or blue pluck a couple from your kitchen veggie basket and celebrate for a few (hours!)

okat so my rhyming skills are completely absent but August 19th is National Potato Day. here's a whole bunch of recipes

what's your favorite potato recipe? Do you prefer taters on their own (i.e. french fries) or moreso in a recipe (i.e. soup) Your secret closeted way of enjoying potatoes? funny potato stories?

I'll share mine quickly... I had a garden this year... that I never planned on. I threw some rotten potatoes and the smelll ewwwww.. out the back door they went with the intent to go out and get them & take them down to the compost pile. I have severe CRS and forgot. My cats ended up using the area as a makeshift litterbox and ultimately half-buried the taters. I jokingly threw somemore soil on top and lo & behold in a year when the weather is the utmost terrible for growing anything, I had 5 lil potato plants that put out 5-12 lil new potatoes with no care.

They're affectionately referred to as the catpoop taters!


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