Any Fancy Purple Potato Recipe Ideas?

"Use in place of starchy potatoes in soups, gratins, salads or traditional tortillas. Pair with other red, yellow or white-fleshed potatoes, eggs, cream, fresh herbs and cheeses, root vegetables, bacon or peppers. Traditionally used in Latin and South American cuisines, the purple potato features in numerous Peruvian dishes."

I'm looking for ideas that are upscale and featured in an entree or side. I would like the idea to showcase the purple potato's flavor and character...and not just its attractive appearance so try to be unique. Everyone has already done a simple mash, chips, or dual color potato salad.

I was thinking about mini roasted Autumn vegetable gratins, layered in ramekins with puff pastry on the bottom. Perhaps purple potato with butternut squash, mushroom, beet, and sweet potato or carrot all bound by double cream, caramelized onion, herbs, and bits of bacon. So if you want to improve on this idea, or pose a completely new/original idea, I would appreciate it either way!


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