Amazing food community - Peanut Butter Pie

I searched to see if someone else posted about this but didn't find a thread so I hope I'm not rehashing old news. I think this story about the amazing spirit of the food community was inspiring. It's really nice to think in these times of snark and dissent that a community of strangers (and friends) can come together like this. It's nice that out of tragedy food can provide inspiration. At least I was inspired, and I do not personally know any of the people involved.

The cliff notes - a well-loved food blogger unexpectedly lost her husband and sent a recipe for peanut butter pie out into the world, her late husband's favorite dish. The outpouring of people making the pie and expressing their thoughts is nothing short of amazing. There's a hashtag on twitter if you feel like searching. Here's the original post:

Here's White on Rice Couple's tear-inducing video tribute:

I can't explain why this story struck me but maybe it'll inspire at least a few of the fiercely passionate SE'ers too.


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