Woof Woof does not mean curry!!!

So my luck dictates that when ever i mention a pet peeve i get slapped in the face by it. I mentioned my distaste for dogs/pet smell in the eatting at some one else's house thread. Low and behold the property we were about to lease was none other a hoarder/dog urine house. I'm not putting it mildly. when i was confronted by said odor i held my breath and walked to look at the lay out. then i confronted the property manager, they insisted they didnt smell anything (the employees as well) then came the HUGE insults. Well there were asians living here before you could be smelling the asian cooking smell. along with the comment of OH.. it smells like curry, when i make curry i can never get the smell out. needless to say i made some major calls and got a black light (with the light on and windows blacked it looked like a rave/fireworks) which earned me fear and scorn from employees not to mention wall to wall new carpet (just in time for my bday).. i guess this is mostly a vent. but when did woof woof mean curry? im still confused and shocked by this.

*what a quirky 1st thread,should i be proud?*


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