Where do you shop?

I finally visited the little bakery near my house, and it's so cute! It's very old, and housed in what looks like a cinderblock barn next to a home. The owner showed me around, and I chose my goods warm from the racks. I wouldn't call it dirty, but imagine your kitchen if you baked eight hours every day.

I sometimes get raw milk from a farm. You go into the "shed" attached to the house, and take stuff from the fridges or freezers. They have organic grass fed beef, eggs, pork, vegetables, and they make the BEST cheese ever. The cute part is that you put the money in a small wooden box. Not locked - because you may need to make change! Then you mark off on a paper which items you purchased.

The simplicity and intimacy of this kind of shopping makes the food so much more enjoyable. I look at the cows and know that my milk came from them, unprocessed and local. I won't waste a single drop of the maple syrup that was made a couple of towns over. I'm thinking about boycotting supermarket food for a while.

Who else has a "secret" source for their seriously good eats?


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