sweet and savory

this whole bacon "era" gets me thinking about all the other sweet and savory combos out there, whether they be classics or "our own thing" we have always done at home. as an Italian, i love the classic prosciutto and melon combo. i also love coarse salt on sweet watermelon. i love a sweet balsamic on salads or greens or veggies. even a sweet and salty and spicy (sort of Asian style) sauce on a stir fry dish. i even remember as a kid my mom giving me fresh melted mozzarella (i mean FRESH; pure or lightly salted) then finished with a generous dollop of strawberry or raspberry jelly while its still hot and bubbling. weird but actually good. so what are some of your favorites? classics? made up ones? sweet in a savory or savory in a sweet? anything goes. side dish. main. dessert. app. breakfast. snack. k? go for it.


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